Kensington Place: Big Local favourite in Notting Hill

I took advantage of the london eating offer and took my wife to Kensington Place last night. I have long been intrigued by this huge eatery and as it is a saunter away from home I thought we should give it a go. My wije had last been there in it's Meejah hayday and the interior certainly fits the bill. Lot's of clean lines, no frippery which I had to say left me a little cold. It's the sort of room that needs to be packed to have an atmosphere and last night it was 2/3 full at most. Now having said that the food was very nice. We both started with a warm squid salad followed by venison hot pot. The squid was a bit tough but the dressing lovely. The hotpot was first class, just the sort of peppery dish to keep the cold out. My wife enjoyed her house wine, I was less impressed. We both loved our deserts, the crunchie was lovely and light and my tarte fine was much better than the one at Bibendum. The bill including the offer came to £67 fot two which wasn't bad but the other items on the menu looked very expensive. I think we willl go back as it is so close to home and I like the look of the weekend brunch. Hopefully we can bring a bit of fun to the place as some of the clientele last night were taking themselves far too seriously.

Friday, December 12, 2008
Overall rating
Food 8 | Service 8 | Atmosphere 6 | Value for money 7

We have gone back numerous times since and it is a lovely restaurant. My son loves it and insists on having fish & chips whilst he nicks my mussels 

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