Magic Wok, Bayswater

After going to see an exhibition of chinese calligraphy I was in the mood for crispy chilli beef so I met my wife in Bayswater and decided to try somewhere new. My wife wanted to go to the Royal China but it can be pricey and we only wanted a quick bite so we tried the Magic Wok. It won't win any prizes for it's decor but it is extremely friendly. We were welcomed in shown to a nice big table. Drink and food came with a genuine smile. Our starters were good particularly the enormous portion of chilli salt spare ribs. The mains were mixed, the sweet and sour chicken not great but the crispy chilli beef and chinese broccoli were very nice It all tasted fresh, very generous portions and the room was busy. The bill when it came was a bit confusing being handwritten but at £30 a head for the food and a couple of drinks each we weren't dissapointed.

A mention should also go to the kind way they looked after the table next to us of two carers and their handicapped charges. The staff were very attentive and didn't complain at all when their bill needed splitting 4 ways and paid seperatly in cash. A lot of places up in Chinatown would have been awkward about it.

We will definetly pop back again


Thursday, March 12, 2009
Overall rating
Food 7 | Service 9 | Atmosphere 7 | Value for money 8


I totally forgot about this place and never went back but I remember how kind they were to the table next to us. 

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