Julie's; Holland Park: It's been shut awaiting a refurb for getting on two years!

We had been to a screening of "State of Play" at the multiplex at Shepherds Bush on Sunday morning and after watching such a fantastic film we fancied a light lunch and a glass of wine. We thought we would pass by Julie's to see if they had a table. It had been a great favourite of ours but we had been slightly put off after they stopped doing their lovely garlic bread and the portions got smaller and their prices steeper.

It was a sunny day so the area outside the restaurant was packed but we didn't mind siting inside as the rooms are beautiful. We sat upstairs behind the bar which was quiet but very relaxing, we ordered a couple of bloody Mary's to liven ourselves up after siting in the dark for two hours. I avoided the roasts as these looked very expensive, they had run out of my prefered dish of mussels and chips so I went for grilled sardines and a portion of chips. My wife went for a chicken Caeser salad. Her choice was a lot better than mine she got a lovely big salad topped with a succulent breast of roast chicken. I got 3 sardines and a sundried tomato. This was meant to be a main portion, I think a child would have been upset to get that as a starter. Having said that it was very nice but for £12.50 I was expecting a bit more. The chips however were excellent and my lovely wife felt sorry for me and gave me some of her salad.

We had a glass of wine each which was very nice. We skipped desert which looked very nice and had a coffee so we could get back out in the sun. The bill came to just over £65 but then I noticed they hadn't charged us for the glasses of wine. Being an honest sort I got it corrected and parted with £80 hard earned pounds. I do like Julie's, the restaurant is stunning, service friendly and relaxed, the food and drink of high quality but they don't half know how to charge you for it. I have had lots of special times there but I can't see us going much in the future unless they offer us a bit more for our money.

Monday, April 20, 2009
Overall rating
Food 8 | Service 7 | Atmosphere 7 | Value for money 3

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