Wahaca Westfield

I had got my wife Lilly Allen tickets as a treat on Saturday and we decided to head down there early and grab a bite at the Westfield. I had been wanting to try Wahaca for a while so we thought the mexican food and drink would liven us up for the gig. The restaurant was packed but we were warmly greeted on arrival. We had a short wait and were shown to a table for two. I has to be said they do cram you in so your are practically sitting with the tables next to you, however the place was very buzzy and they had some fun mexican music playing.

Our waitress for very helpfull over the menu and we ordered a selection of market food. On a whole it was pretty good, the tacos were pretty underwelming but the enchilladas were very nice. We got very full but were pleased we left room for the churros which were amazing. Probably best of all were the Margaritas which were made with proper tequilla. It's not a place to linger as you can see they are keen to turn tables but we both had a fun time and would go back with friends.

The gig wasn't bad either....

Monday, March 30, 2009
Overall rating
Food 7 | Service 8 | Atmosphere 9 | Value for money 7

been back since and really not that convinced, I've yet to be sold on Mexican food though my lovely wife makes great fajita's at home

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