Brasserie Gerard, Egham

It was Saturday lunchtime and I had driven out to Virginia Water to check out Villa Steve's new pad. He was new to the area but had mentioned that he had a pretty good meal with his daughter at the "Brasserie Steven Gerard" on the roundabout at Egham. Matt, Kathy and baby G-Force were with us so we all decided to head down there. The restaurant was pretty quiet when we got in but we were warmly received and shown to a nice big central table. They had a high chair ready for G-force and mentioned all kids meals were free that month with an adult main, which was a pretty good deal. Matt and I went for the steak fites, Steve had toulouse susages, Kathy grilled chicken. G-force was happy with mashed banana, he was very contented sat at the table especially as the waitress was making a fuss of him and even the chefs in the open kitchen were waving to him.

The food was pretty good though my bernaise sauce did look like a creme brulee gone very wrong, the steak could have done with a bit more seasoning but for the price I was pretty satisfied. Villa Steve was probably happiest with his toulouse sausages which looked very good and didn't last long. All 4 of us had the waffles and ice cream which were suitably calorific but very tasty. The bill with a couple of drinks came to £25 each which was great.

It perhaps wasn't my best lunch ever but it was decent and very filling , the service was very friendly and we were made to feel very welcome which is not always the case elsewhere when you walk in with a 1 year old. I would definetly pop back if I was in the area.

Monday, July 27, 2009
Overall rating
Food 6 | Service 9 | Atmosphere 7 | Value for money 9

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