Pizza@Home, Earls Court, the best place in West London for a takeaway pizza

We were round at my brother's place in Fulham on Sunday and fancied grabbing a bite of late lunch. Plan A was to give "Hell's pizza" a go but we wandered in there to be greated by a dingy eating area with renmants of the lunch time trades leftover glasses and pizza still littered over the tables. Things like that make me worry about what standards are kept in the kitchen so my brother suggested we pop back home and order a takeaway.

He explained pizza@home were only up the road so the pizza's arrived fresh and hot. We ordered 3 large 16" pizza's, a hot pepperoni, a capriocossa and a mushroom and cheese. 3 huge pizza's arrived 20 minutes later. It has to be said they were very good. Loads of topping (3 eggs on the capriocossa) , nice thin crust and all still warn. I think the pizza's were £15 each which was really good value for the size and quality. They were also not too heavy on the salt so I was quite happy to eat them with a small glass of wine rather than the pint of water I usually need.

I was really impressed with this food as takeaway pizza is usually a pretty humdrum experience, I was pleased to see they deliver over my way so we will give them another go soon


Wednesday, December 02, 2009
Overall rating
Food 8 | Service 8 | Atmosphere 0 | Value for money 9

you can eat in at Pizza@Home but we have only ever had takeaway and it is reliably good. If you are in the area give it a go. 

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