Union Cafe, Marylebone, No longer with us

Le Grand Tommo was down in London for a meeting so we decided to catch up Friday for a quick bite before he got his train back to the Midlands. He had missed breakfast so fancied something quick but substantial. I racked my brains and thought the "Union Cafe" would be a good choice. Many a time I had ended up here after a West End shopping trip.

We both went for the house burger with bacon and blue cheese which came pretty quickly. It was served open with a decent portion of chips. Tommo loved his but I felt mine lacked a good beefy flavour like you get at GBK. I also had a strong after taste of garlic which was only partly removed by my glass of red. The bill came to £22 each which was a little high for a burger and drink. Service was pretty good and the bill came quickly.

It did seem to me that they had squeezed another couple of tables in there since my last visit so it was a bit snug. All in all I felt the place was lacking something. It does have a lot of good attributes like an open kitchen, a very reasonable wine list but the food just lacks that extra bit of care and you are slightly on top of other diners. If I was up in Marylebone I would probably go again but there are so many other places to try.

Monday, October 26, 2009
Overall rating
Food 5 | Service 7 | Atmosphere 6 | Value for money 5

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