Luna Nueva, Fulham Road, footie food

Despite feeling very groggy after my day/night out at the FA cup Final I managed to sort myself out enough to consider going along to the Double Winners victory parade. This was all helped by my lovely wife's decision to take baby G to see his grandparents for the weekend. I had learnt to my cost a couple of weeks before that small baby's and hangovers are not a great combination. Anyway after a restorative pot of tea and showing the steely resolves of JT's blue and white army I set off to Parsons Green to see the parade and catch up with my fellow West stand stallwarts. My journey was trouble free and I was early enough to get a good spot outside the Duke on Parsons Green. I was pretty sensible and had a large cold Coke whilst I waited for my mate Carl to turn up with his son Jack. Jack is only 3 so was a bit confused by what was going on but his afternoon took a turn from the better when he was able to take a seat and sound the siren in a fire engine from the local station. Great idea from the London fire brigade all the kids loved it.

Anyway parade over we decided to grab a bite to eat. The Duke and Sloaney Pony were quite busy so Carl suggested we walk up to Fulham road so he could show Jack the house he grew up in. Fortunatly over the road from his old house was a great little local Italian "Luna Nuova". It was already 3 when we popped in but the very friendly waiter said it wasn't a problem to feed us. Italian restaurants are really good at providing for kids so Jack was kept happy with a a nice spag bol and some apple juice. Carl went for a roast chicken dish whilst I went for a seafood risotto. We washed this down with a pretty nice glass of Valpolicella each. The restaurant itself isn't big as it is in a converted house but they do have some outside seating as well. The also have a nicely stocked bar suggesting they cater of the crowd on a night out as well as diners. There was a couple of others tables eating when we entered and their food looked very nice.

My risotto was really good and a very hearty portion. They hadn't skimped on the seafood either so there was plenty for me to enjoy. It really got me feeling normal again. Carl's chicken was very tasty and he polished it off in no time. Jack was struggling slightly with his portion of spag bol so we helped him out and it was also very nice. Jack's meal came with an ice cream to follow which he wasn't about to turn down. The adults skipped desert in favour of some nice coffee. It was very relaxed in there and the Sunday afternoon passed very pleasantly. The gave Jack a colouring in book so he wasn't bored as his dad and I discussed our momentous season.

We were all very impressed with our meal and may even rotate it into our post or pre match venues once the season starts again. It typified everything I like about good italian restaurants: relaxed friendly service, simple tasty food and nice easy drinking wine. Our bill was a very reasonable £36 and we would easily have spent more on worse food elsewhere. It's a bit more modern looking than your usual neighbourhood places but it has a nice atmosphere and some great cooking. Well worth a visit if you are up in Fulham.

Thursday, June 03, 2010
Overall rating
Food 8 | Service 8 | Atmosphere 8 | Value for money 8

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