Tapas Brindisa, Borough Market

I am a big fan of Borough market and have wanted to try "Tapas Brindisa" for some time. Recent trips to market have been frustrated by weekend work on the Jubilee line. However as luck would have it the Visa agents who were sorting out my passport for a business trip to India and Bangladesh were up by London Bridge. So timing a trip up there to coincide with lunchtime my colleague Dave and I decided to grab a bite of tapas on our way back to the office as this was quick and easy. I was also interested to see how this measured up to my very nice meal at "Iberica" on Great Portland St.

"Tapas Brindisa" has a very old school feel to it, the room is wood pannelled and the simple tables are packed tight together. the long bar up agaisnt the kitchen dominates the room. When turned up at half one it was pretty full but they found as a table at the back for two. We ordered a couple of beers and I selected a selection of tapas. The usual, charcutery plate, tortilla, croquettes, cheese, bread salad and some garelic prawns. It all came pretty quickly. It has to be said it was all very nice. My favourite was the prawns as I mopped up the garlic and chilli oil with the bread.

Looking around I could see there was a good mix of people in here. Lots of local office workers, a few tourists and even a new mum with a baby my son's age. The very efficient staff darted around keeping everyone fed and happy. I really liked it in here it perhaps wasn't a place to linger but I think that is missing the point of lunctime tapas. As a place for a quick bite but with top quality food you can't fault it. The closeness of the tables gives the room a really nice buzz. It was different in feel to "Iberica" but the food was on a par. It's not cheap but good tapas in London never is. I would certainly go back again though with what we were charged to get our visas I'm not sure I will be using the same agents for my next trip!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010
Overall rating
Food 8 | Service 9 | Atmosphere 9 | Value for money 7

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