Del Aziz, Bermondsey, just don't

Popped in here a few weeks ago when we were staying at the hotel opposite. We arrived late Saturday on a balmy afternoon so having skipped lunch we thought a well timmed mid afternoon snack would see us through to dinner at our friends. The outside section was extremely busy we lots of people enjoying drinking in the sun. We got a table inside and ordered a couple of Mojito's and meje platter. We actually fancied some other bits on the menu but I noticed there was a deal on the mezze. It turns out that didn't apply on the weekend which was a bit misleading.

Our drinks were well made, lots of fresh mint with accent on being refreshing rather than loading up on booze. I was less convinced by the mezze which was underwelming and came with some poor bread. The Merguez mini sausages should have been denounced as an affront to mediterranean cooking . Houmus was OK, there was some aubergine stuff I didn't care for and an OK tabouleh salad. As I said underwelming!

It had obviously been busy all day like the one in Fulham so it looked a bit untidy inside. The staff though efficient looked a bit spent. I also wasn't very happy how they responded to my query about the mezze non offer. The interior is nicely laid out and that and the menu promises an deep culinary and cultural experience but the food didn't really deliver. I really wish we had tried some of the other nearby places. Not somewhere I wish to return.

Thursday, June 30, 2011
Overall rating
Food 3 | Service 4 | Atmosphere 5 | Value for money 2

I have strong suspicious this meal accounted for the the virulent bout of food poisoning I endured later that night. Needless to say I haven't returned and now stick to authentic places for my middle eastern food

The Good Earth, Mill Hill

Pho, West End