Goodman, City, even city boys deserve the best steak in London

Was up in the city a few weeks ago to meet up for a crafty Friday pint with my old friend Stuart. After spending a very long time locating the hidden Boris bike bays, we caught and enjoyed a nice couple of pints in Leadenhall market. The beer had made us both peckish so we decided to upgrade the after work pint to dinner. We wondered around the city a bit aimlessly until I remembered Goodman had a city branch which turned out to be close by. We tried to secure a walk in table but they were full but asked us to wait at the bar and they would try and get us a table. As it turned out we only had to wait 30 minutes and the time was well spent having a couple of drinks.

We were then shown to our table and ordered a couple of house rib eyes and a nice bottle of cab sab. The food was a good as the Mayfair branch, perfectly cooked steaks served with the best chips in London. This is bigger than the Mayfair branch so a bit more is made of the bar and the meat hanging room is visible. I think with a bit more room they have added to the theatre of eating a steak. It is dark and atmospheric with light of the open kitchen at the rear. Service was very good our waitress was very friendly and helped us choose a desert wine that would go with our cheese we greedily had after our steaks..

We weren't rushed and really enjoyed our meal. It was a more mixed crowd than Mayfair which is very male. The fact it was full on a Friday night when the city usually thins out is testament to it's quality. Goodman steaks are so good I won't order steak at any other restaurant they never come close. Stuart kindly treated me to dinner and I know it isn't cheap here but you do get a fantastic meal for your money.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011
Overall rating
Food 10 | Service 9 | Atmosphere 9 | Value for money 9

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