The Alice House, Queens Park, dining with baby G

Saturday was a very busy day with lots of running around but amidst all the various chores we managed to catch up with some NCT friends for a brunch with babies. Our friends had recommended the Alice House in Queens Park as a good spot for the boys to run around. For us it worked very well, it was easy to find and there is free parking on Salisbury road at the weekend. Baby G was very happy to see his little friends and the 3 boys proceeded to make plenty of noise which was ironic as we were sat in a part of the restaurant called the library!

The Alice house is a big space but very nicely done out with lots of nooks so you can have a more intimate time, well as much as you can with three 18 month old boys. At the rear of the space is a rather impressive wooden bar. Despite a busy Friday night the whole place was spotless. Our friends had popped along one evening when it is very much a bar for young trendies yet during the day it is transformed it a nice eatery. I do like restaurants that can do this yet maintain a separate identity for each, it's a neat trick to pull off.

We got down to ordering our various breakfasts and drinks from the very friendly staff. They bought us over goodie bags for the boys which were very handy as the stickers kept them amused and quiet for a good 10 minutes. I was very impressed with my mocha and my lovely wife really enjoyed her freshly squeezed orange juice. My breakfast was equally good, really first class sausages and bacon, very well cooked. I get used to so many bog standard cooked breakfasts that it is a real pleasure when you are served up something exceptional. My lovely wife had a lovely eggs on toast with a side of house made hash browns again very nice. All the others cleaned their plates.

What set this place apart as well was the very friendly happy staff. A real contrast to some of our local places in Notting Hill (yes you daylesford). They wanted to help us and also allowed the boys to have a good time. As I mentioned before the space is big enough to do that without disturbing other customers. The bill came to around £30 a couple which I thought very reasonable for a top breakfast in such a nice restaurant. So after about an hour and a half we set off well fed and happy ready to take on the petrol queue at the Sainsbury's on Ladbroke Grove!


Monday, November 14, 2011
Overall rating
Food 8 | Service 9 | Atmosphere 8 | Value for money 9

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