Ed's Easy Diner, Euston

Work has suddenly got really busy which has necessitated a bit more travelling on my part. I usually drive up to my Midlands customers and subsist on terrible service food or if I’m lucky a great fry up at the legendary Rugby Truck Stop. However speed was of the essence on Friday so I took the train. I had some hanging around on my journey home at Rugby, but the food options there are severely limited. I decided to hang on until I got to Euston and grab something quickly from their food court. The inside of the station is still very much an 80’s monstrosity of over-priced coffee and fast food joints. However outside the concourse they have at least made an effort to dress up the concrete by putting up some tables and building some restaurant units. One of these is an outpost of long standing burger chain Ed’s Easy Diner.

I grew up in London so Ed’s was very much a fixture growing up filling a void that the Chicago Rib Shack left. Their long gone outlet on the Kings Road was a big favourite of my schoolmates. It did American style burger, fries and shakes back when Pizza Hut was considered exotic! I was keen to try it again to see how it measured up to all the burger newcomers like “Byron” and “GBK”. It’s not a big place inside and the rock and roll posters look a bit half-hearted these days compared to the OTT interiors of the likes of “Meatliquor”. However it was as I remembered the old place on the Kings Road.

Service was quick and friendly, I went for a cheeseburger and a premium oreo shake. The less said about the burger the best really. Cheap patty and fillings, reminded me of a Wetherspoons burger, not good. The milkshake however was very nice though, lots of it and very tasty. In fact I noticed people coming in just for a milkshake, they are worth a detour (maybe milkshakes could be the next foodie trend?). However what I really appreciated was the rock and roll music playing in the background and the opportunity to take 5 minutes. For a train station restaurant it is really quite relaxing in there. I wasn’t the only one “chilling out” it had a nice vibe. It’s not a destination to seek out but if you find yourself hanging around at Euston, it’s a pleasant option.

Monday, November 26, 2012
Overall rating
Food 4 | Service 8 | Atmosphere 9 | Value for money 6

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