Mazi, Notting Hill


Back from holiday but not yet back to work, my lovely wife out having her hair done and baby G swimming I was at home at a loose end. It was lunchtime and after a morning doing various chores I fancied treating myself to a local lunch out. I had seen that greek cheap eats place “Costa’s” had gone to be replaced with bright new white walled greek place “Mazi”. I had walked past a couple of times and seen what a good facelift they had given the space. On the day of my visit I lingered a little longer in front of the door and saw they did a lunch deal, about £14 for 2 courses and if I remember correctly a few quid extra for a glass of house wine. The stuff on the menu was a little unfamiliar but I thought let’s give it a go. I was warmly greeted by one of the owners and shown through to the brilliant white dining room. They do have an outside courtyard but the weather was terrible so I stayed inside. Despite the possibly stark white interior there was a cozy atmosphere about half the tables were taken and there was a chilled out buzz about the place. The waitress bought me a little shot of Ouzo as way of a freebie and it was very nice, certainly better than some of the stuff I have had in Cyprus.

The owner came over and asked if I was clear on the menu I asked about a couple of dishes and settled on the fried filo pastry parcels with greek cheese and greek sausage which was meant to be spicy to be followed by the angels hair dessert. I also ordered a glass of house white which was fine but with hindsight I should have gone red. The fried filo pastry arrived and was indeed tasty and with a nice burst of heat but not a huge portion though the dipping sauce it came with was hearty and I finished that off with the bread. I liked it but sort of wish I’d had a big salad with it. With fried food you need something to counter act the oil. So a pass on the main but then came dessert. Wow possibly the best dessert I have ever eaten. It was angel hair which is thinly spun pastry covered in honey and syrup however this was combined with lovely unctuous greek yoghurt and sugared roasted hazzlenuts. It was delicious, sweet but with lots of nice texture. Some real pride had gone in turning this out. After polishing off every last bit I had a greek coffee to send me on my way.

All throughout the meal the service was warm and friendly. I’ve walked past a few times since and “Mazi” seems to be getting some good trade and some good write ups on here which is nice to see. I would like to pop back again and give the menu a wider try. We have certainly got a bit more variety now in Notting Hill.

Thursday, August 02, 2012
Overall rating
Food 8 | Service 8 | Atmosphere 8 | Value for money 8

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