The Beaufort Pub & Dining, Colindale, all dressed up

Right, you find yourself in Colindale, you are wearing a tweed jacket, cords, a fake moustache, cravatte and flat cap - where on earth do you go? Well if like myself, Big Matt and Nick you were heading off to the Public Service Broadcasting gig at The RAF Museum then you could do worse than pop into the Beaufort Pub & Dining Room. I'd been to see PSB legendary Forum gig last year with Nick and we had enjoyed a very good pre-gig burger at Dirty burger. This gig was part of the museum after dark programme where PSB would bring their rock electronica and vintage visuals to the impressive RAF museum. They had requested fans turn up in period attire hence Matt and I turned up looking like Ted & Ralph whilst Nick was in full RAF uniform (thank you Ebay).

Fortunately when we walked in to the Beaufort there were other PSB aficionados in attendance but we did get some funny looks from the locals! The Beaufort is odd establishment at first I thought it was a hotel bar but turns out it's a Youngs pub/restaurant on the corner of a big new housing development. Someone in their wisdom has decided that leafy Colindale needs smart high density city apartments and that the Beaufort is aimed at catering for their needs. I'm not convinced they have picked the right spot but fair dos the pub is nice. We saw it at its best, it was a bright balmy evening so everyone was sat outside on the large terrace. The bar/restaurant itself takes up the whole ground floor of its block with a long bar leading to the restaurant with semi open kitchen. It was a well stocked bar with plenty of beer choice, both session and craft. They only had 3 staff on who were struggling slightly with the extra custom. We ordered beer and burgers and sauntered outside to the terrace.

Food took a while to come, I could only see 2 people working in the kitchen. To be fair their burger (£10 with chips) was pretty good. The burger itself had a good crisp outside and moist inside, it was tasty. The bun was so so and the chips were rubbish but it was very pleasant sat outside. We had a couple of beers and strode off to the museum where we enjoyed a rather eclectic evening. We wandered around the impressive aircraft exhibits entertained by a DJ Yoda set before an impressive performance from PSB themselves. If you are in Colindale pop along to the RAF Museum as entry is free and you might also want to swing by the Beaufort for a beer & bite.

Friday, May 30, 2014
Overall rating
Food 6 | Service 6 | Atmosphere 7 | Value for money 7

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