Flaming Cow, Eton, a mate's place but it is really nice

So first up let me be open and say that I know Tarek who runs Flaming Cow, he's a mate of my brothers and comes to the occasional Chelsea game with us. His father had opened up St Christopher's Place stalwart Ayoush many years ago. Tarek who is based out Windsor way was keen to move away from the meze and belly dancing of yonder and spotted that outside London you will still struggle to get a good burger or ribs. His answer was to open Flaming Cow in very affluent Eton which is sandwiched between the chain-tastic Windsor and the Sloughness of Slough. The restaurant is just by the pedestrian bridge over into Windsor in a modern block. Tarek had all sorts of trouble with planning, I think myopic locals (including a very well known golfer) thought he was opening some sort of kebab and burger shop. In fact Flaming cow is a smart but funky restaurant with a big open kitchen doing upscale burgers and ribs and you get a view of the castle thrown in.

I've been there a few times now, for Sunday lunch with my lovely wife and Baby G, a lads night out with Big Matt & Villa Steve and even with my mum and brother to break up a journey. The interior is industrial chrome 101 but in a modern block like this it works. There is a small bar and open kitchen running along the back wall. Seating is at a selection of tables and big central raised communal table where you sit on stools. They bring a bottle of tap water automatically which is a class touch. The menu concentrates on burgers ribs and a few interesting looking sides. I haven't actually strayed away from the ribs. I love ribs and these are very good indeed. Properly cooked and smothered in a sweet BBQ glaze that has a big kick of paprika. Really very nice indeed. The others had tried the burgers which are very good, a couple of the options are enormous so check what you order. My mum who is in her 70's really enjoyed the chicken parma burger and finished the lot! Sides range from standard fries to some very good sweet potato chips and even fried pickles.

Everything is served in plastic baskets in keeping with the informal feel but service is sharp. There was a good mix of young and old, tourists and locals in during my various visits and even a family birthday party one night. Drinks are the standard craft beer, wine and spirits but they also do good root beer and cream soda. This has resulted in me finding a new favourite soft drink which is cream soda float with salted caramel ice cream. Pricing is in line with places like Byron and GBK but I feel the portions are bigger here and more care is taken with the food I like Flaming Cow, the food and ambience are good and of course it's nice to see a friend's place doing well. It's also good in that it offers something different in an area that is heavy on soulless chains. If you are in the area it is well worth a visit.

Thursday, February 19, 2015
Overall rating
Food 9 | Service 8 | Atmosphere 9 | Value for money 8

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