Oldroyd, Islington, bijou eatery

So I had to do some real work for a change and cycled up to the Design centre in Islington for the London Fabric Fair. After the Brexit vote and currency fluctuations I wanted to see a few of our suppliers to make sure they didn't try and raise prices on us. Mission accomplished and not thinking much of what was on offer at the outlet in the Design centre I thought about cycling back to the office for a sarnie. However crossing Upper St I noticed the small awning of Oldroyd over the road. It was quarter to 2 and it looked like they had space inside so I thought why not stop for lunch and write up my meetings. I was nicely greeted upon entering by a fellow diner who told me it was excellent. It's not a massive place, a few table around the counter/kitchen and then more seating upstairs.

I was offered a choice of tables and opted for downstairs. The menu isn't big and changes daily. The do a £15 lunch 2 course deal so I opted for that.  First up came a very nice bowl of saffron risotto. Certainly well cooked but as a main I really could have done with an extra spoonful or two. You get a much more generous serving at Made By Bob in Cirencester. For dessert I had opted for the strawberries with yogurt ice cream which was a good pick. The strawberries were excellent with a sweet sharp taste which worked well with the creaminess of the ice cream. Seriously nice. I followed this up with a coffee so my bill with service came to £19.

So overall a nice meal and I'm glad I came. I had been a bit reticent about the food as the chef/owner is ex Polpo which as you will see is not a chain I like. However here the food is served as proper courses and uses high quality ingredients, they just need to be touch more forthcoming with the portions. Service was decent though I did get a little forgotten towards the end of the meal, why can't restaurants let you pay speedily? However that aside I'd happily go back, specifically next time the fabric show is on. 

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