La Poule au Pot, Pimlico, One of my favourite restaurants in London

This is without doubt my wife and I's favourite London restaurant. We have been delighted customers of La Poule au Pot for the last 4 years entertaining friends and family in the most convivial of surroundings. Last Saturday we pitched up after a quick whizz around Ebury St market and enjoyed a superbly leisurely two and a half hour lunch. Having lived in France I can guarantee this is the real deal, good honest rustic French cooking at it's best and most simple. The weekend set lunch is such fantastic value about £21 for 3 enormous courses, lots of choice and of course the famous house wine which you are bought by the magnum and charged by the glass. Last Saturday I had wonderfully fresh mussels, toulouse sausages with mash and red cabbage followed by a superlative tarte tatin. All served by the friendly french staff. We have got to know them well and they are always so chatty and friendly. One reason we love this place is that it suits the depths of winter where you can cozy up eating boeuf bourgignon by candalight or high summer when you can sit outside by the market and watch the world go by.

Looking at some of the comments on here I really feel a lot of people don't get the charm and joy of La Poule. This is a place for a leisurely lunch or a romantic dinner. If you are in a hurry to eat go get a salad from Daylesford. The cooking here is rustic if you are looking for emulsions, foams and all that nonsence go to see Mr Ramsey, if you want honest tasty food this is the best around. Also in response to the previous reviewer if you are looking for Gratin Dauphinoise then this isn't the place for you, they don't serve it! They do serve lovely pommes de Terre boulangeres though, I would expect a "trained chef" to know the difference!

Anyway you can't please everyone and testament to the excellence of this restaurant is it is always full and mostly with regulars. I cannot wait for my next visit.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009
Overall rating
Food 10 | Service 10 | Atmosphere 10 | Value for money 10

The weekend lunch is possibly the best in the city

Byron, Westfield, an at times unconvincing chain

Ground, Chiswick, no longer with us