Prix Fixe Brassserie, Soho

I was out with Big Matt and after a couple of cheekies at a couple of our favourite watering holes "The Champion" & "the toucan" we were a a bit peckish. Matt fancied our usual "Bodeans" but I was keen to try something a bit more grown up but equally inexepensive. We wandered down to the Prix Fixe Brasserie which promised all sorts of good deals.

We were offered a large table at the back but were then told the meals deals had finished for the day which was a bit annoying. We decided to stay and ordered a bottle the "Somnolier selection" eg house red. It has to be said it was pretty awful and for £14 i was expecting a bit better. We had ordered a couple of steaks so I wasn't expecting great things based on the wine.

However I was really pleased to be served a big fat juicy steak, properly seasoned, a good portion of chips and a nice side salad. For £14 I thought this was fantastic value. It made the wine choice all the more frustrating as this quality of meat and cooking deserved a proper cab sab.

The meal for two came to £50 which was pretty good. As a restaurant the decor may be basic however there is some talent in the kitchen as all the food coming to the tables around us looked seriously tasty. I would probably pop back again but this time go for a different wine.

Friday, November 27, 2009
Overall rating
Food 8 | Service 7 | Atmosphere 6 | Value for money 7

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