The Bull, Westfield

I popped in here to meet up with Villa Steve and Big Matt on the Tuesday after Christmas. They had both been shopping at the Westfield and I was desperate to get out of house after my accident prone Christmas. I had missed out on our football fixture the day before so I was keen to have a bit of quality pub time. The Bull is the Westfield's take on a pub and it has to be said it is pretty good. It is obviously a modern building but someone has put in lots of exposed varnished wood, a decent selection of beer and painted it all gastro pub green so it does look and feel the part.

It can be a bit tricky to find people as it is quite a rambling space but eventually we found a table, admired Steve's new scarf, they took the mic out of my sling and accident and we ordered the house "Geronimo" burger. It has to be said the burgers took a good while to come out, they were busy but I felt the kitchen still had it's holiday head on. When they came out they were pretty good, medium to well, nice ciabatta bun, good chips but not enough of them. you can order drinks at the bar and through the waiter but food is only through the waiter which is a bit confusing for a pub.

It has to be said the Bull is a relaxing place to sit, drink and munch on decent pub food. It was so relaxing when we went to leave we nearly left without paying though the waiter was quick to chase us. The burgers were £10 each which sadly seems the norm everywhere these days. The service was friendly though and this place is way ahead of any other place up in Shepherds Bush. Yet again the Westfield gets it right in my book. They have got some really decent places to eat and now drink. It is putting the leisure back into shopping

Tuesday, January 12, 2010
Overall rating
Food 6 | Service 6 | Atmosphere 7 | Value for money 7

It is still going strong and always busy. I still find this the best place to go in the Westfield for a bite and a drink. 

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