Best Mangal III, Fulham Broadway, footie food

The search for the pre match Langan's replacement continues! Last night before the Lazarus like ressurection of our season my brother and I decided to give the Best Mangal a go. My brother had take home kebabs from here in the past and said the food was very good. As you walk into the restaurant you pass the takeaway counter and the huge open charcoal grill which was laden with some lovely looking meat. We were shown to a spacious table and given a choice of menus. There was the standard a la carte as well as a special prematch menu which gave you a mixed starter, a choice of main grill and unlimited beer or house wine all for £20. We didn't have a huge amount of time but we still went with the Chelsea special. Our bottles of crisp Efes turned up quickly and the staff were great about bringing us refills during the meal.

In terms of decor the restaurant won't win prizes but it is comfortable and clean. They have a little heated outside smoking/shisha patio. There is a bar at one end where you can eat as well as watching the Turkish football. Our starters came after a little wait and we tucked into fresh houmus, taramasalata, tzastiski, baba ganuch and a bulgar wheat salad. It was all very nice especially the hot flat breads it came with. The mains were equally good, we both went for lamb kebabs which again came with a lovely fresh salad and bulgar wheat. The meat was nicely grilled still very moist on the inside. a simple meal but very tasty. I really like Turkish food as it is good quality ingredients cooked simply but well.

We were pretty full after our dinner but the ever helpful waiter pressed yet another cold Efes into our hands and we decided to order a medium turkish coffee before we faced the cold of Stamford Bridge. The coffee was seriously good and rounded off a very pleasant meal. We enjoyed our trip to the Best Mangal and it has potential as a pre match eatery. The service was nice and friendly and everyone was enjoying themselves. It set us up very nicely for a cold evening watching the Mighty Chelsea triumph. We will definetly return.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011
Overall rating
Food 8 | Service 8 | Atmosphere 7 | Value for money 8

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