Pattersons, Mayfair, no longer with us & from their poor customer service I can see why

Just a quick review as we didn't actually get to eat here today though I have eaten there before. My lovely wife decided to pop up to the West End to have lunch with me without baby G. We fancied something special we thought we would give Patterson's a go. It was early so the chances of getting a walk in table were good. We wandered in to the quiet restaurant and were greeted by a nice young lady who said she would check what they had available. She had a look on there system and there was a table left that she needed back for 2PM which was fine for us. At this point the manageress zoomed up asking her in a quite abrupt manner what she was doing. She then informed her in a very rudely that the table was Mr so and so's who was sitting at the bar, making us look and feel like social undersirables. We asked if they had anything else, the unsmiling manageress said that the only other table they had they needed back at 1:30. I didn't really want to spend £80 on a rushed lunch so we left never to return. There are ways of handling this sort of situation properly and the attitude of the manageress at Pattersons was very poor indeed. We ended up going to Wright Brothers for a lovely lunch with impeccable service.

Thursday, March 24, 2011
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