Pizza Metro, Notting Hill

A rare night out to the cinema with Big Matt gave me the opportunity to try another of Notting Hills new eateries. I had often run past "Pizza Metro" when they were refurbishing it and I was impressed by how much work was going into the restaurant. Certainly when you enter you can't fail to notice the huge wood fired oven, the authentic floor tiles and the extremely cheery murals. Having said that it has a lot of competition along Notting Hill Gate as their are at least 4 other italian restaurants. The restaurant was quiet with just a smattering of patrons but it was Tuesday night. We settled in with a couple of Peroni's served in ice cold glasses, a nice touch. Big Matt had a italian sausage pizza whilst I went for a ham and rocket concoction.

For the uninitiated the pizza's here are not the conventional round affairs but baked together lengthways which lends itself to sharing. This is quite a fun way of serving pizza and I can imagine it is a hit with families at the weekend. Both varieties were very nice, you could tell the ingredients were fresh as I was able to taste all the components of the pizza. the chilli oil I asked for was not needed to mask an inferior product. A couple more beers followed and we spent a very pleasant time chatting away mostly about the form of Fernando Torres.

We were offered desert which instead of the menu they bought round a tray mocking up what the deserts would look like. A clever idea, I had not seen before. We were full from our pizza so declined. The bill came to £20 each which was fair for 2 beers and a pizza. The service had been friendly and helpful. I noticed lots of child seats ready and waiting so I think I may well return with baby G in tow. So off we wandered to see "Animal Kingdom" which though superb was no advert for Melbourne!

Thursday, March 10, 2011
Overall rating
Food 8 | Service 8 | Atmosphere 8 | Value for money 8

been here a few times but slightly put off after my last visit where the manager was giving the staff a bollocking in front of me, not cool. 

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