BRGR Co, Soho

I'm a bit over the whole burger thing, you can get a decent burger pretty much everywhere nowadays. It's beginning to resemble the famous Simpsons Flaming Moe episode when Homer reveals the secret recipe and everyone gets in on the act. However ubiquity aside the burger remains a good meal option. It's filling, it's relatively cheap and thanks to the trend most versions are tasty. Thus Monday I popped out for lunch with work and it was suggested we try 'Brgr Co'. The foodie cognoscenti dismissed this place as another bandwagon jumper however I feel there is a bit of snobbism going on here and everywhere deserves a chance. So in we went to their Soho branch.

It featured a small open kitchen and a smallish double dining room done out in lots of dark wood, giving it a warm feel rather than the stark white aesthetics of 'Byron'. By 1 on Monday it was busy only about 5 tables left and it was soon completely full. The staff are smartly uniformed and sat us down quickly. The menu is burgers and sides. I went for a large medium cooked 10 oz burger with a side of cheesy fries. I also ordered an oreo milkshake as I do love a milkshake. Milkshake came first and was very tasty, they also did a boozy version but at nearly £8! I thought I could manage with the unadulterated version. The burgers came after a reasonable wait but it was busy and it shows it's all cooked to order. The burger are served deconstructed style so I was able to avoid the raw onion (why add that?) . Bun was nothing special but the patty was good, good flavour nice crisp outside and medium on the inside. The cheesy chips done in a mustardy cheese sauce were very moreish. The side sauces were a bit uninspiring, I was hoping for something a bit more authentic.

However for a meal in under an hour it was perfectly fine. Lunch came to £17 each with tip which was fine. Service was friendly, manager said thank you as we left, we were all satisfied. It's on a par with Byron and the like but I prefer the fact you get a choice as to the size of your burger. OK there was no crazy stuff on the walls or hipness on display but you know what sometimes I just want a burger and chips!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013
Overall rating
Food 7 | Service 7 | Atmosphere 5 | Value for money 6

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