The Electric Diner, Notting Hill, the best restaurant in the area

Just have to pre-empt this review by saying this is my favourite restaurant of the moment. It knocks the spots off a lot of the trendy pop up single dish places I tried in 2012. I wasn't a big fan of the previous Electric restaurant all style no substance. I've also eaten at a few Soho House group places in the past and been underwhelmed by good looking, nice sounding food that didn't live up to the hype. I think a lot of places play it safe with brasserie type food, add plenty of cream and butter and hope for the best. 'The Electric Diner' shakes up the mid-market dining scene by offering big portions of utterly delicious food at really reasonable prices. The fact I've been 3 times in two weeks speaks volumes.

The old joint was all about crowding the bar and being seen, the new layout is all about seeing the food! Down one wall is the bar knocking out great cocktails and a fantastic selection of draft beer along with a big open kitchen. This has an open charcoal grill, hot plate, grills, ovens and prep space. There is a small washing up station/larder area out of sight out back. The rest of the space is taken up with leather style booths. However if you want to really experience this place sit along the kitchen. The big brigade of chefs work tirelessly as a team in a well organised, clean space. You order your dish and can watch it being prepared. I've had breakfast, lunch and dinner here and was quite simply knocked out by the food. Imagine your best meal in the States well you can get that standard of food in London. I'm not talking deep fried rubbish I'm saying the sort of well crafted tasty food you would get at say 'The Spotted Pig' in New York.

The onion soup was amazing, a rich deep oinion soup topped with heaps of cheese and crouton, when it came out I thought it was a souffle! I also tried the honey soy fried chicken which was pretty much a whole chicken portioned and fried in a deliciously tangy glaze. I also had the broiled chicken in garlic sauce which was marinated spatch-cocked chicken breast grilled on the charcoal and served with a punchy garlic jus, lovely char but so moist and juicy when I tried it. With hearty tasty dishes like these it kills off the boring fashion for the dreaded sharing plates. Instead here you are encouraged to share the huge sides, lovely hash browns, tasty broccoli and huge salads. Breakfast was also great and very child friendly for baby G. I had a lovely open fondue with fried egg, whilst by lovely wife had a spicy egg and avocado concoction. The bottomless house coffee was so smooth. No room for desserts so far but hoping to rectify that next time.

Service was friendly and professional, a couple of staff were greener than others but that will sort itself out in time. It doesn't take booking but each time I've been I've got a table straight away. There is a slightly silly rule about not giving booths to couples after 7:30 but I think they will end up changing that. One issue they do have is the stools at the kitchen aren't that comfortable as you can't adjust the height. They may want to address that one for the shorter ladies! Prices were really reasonable, breakfast came to under £40 for the family, lunch was about £80 for 2 courses and a couple of beers, dinner was £100 for cocktails, 2 courses and wine. I've paid a lot more than this for a far inferior experience (Brasserie Zedel). It cannot wait to go back and try more of their menu. Go before the trendies take it over!

Tuesday, January 08, 2013
Overall rating
Food 10 | Service 8 | Atmosphere 10 | Value for money 10

Superb place, I go at least once a month, baby G loves it and calls it the "sausage restaurant". it is perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The honey fried chicken is awesome

BRGR Co, Soho

Mash, Piccadilly Circus, good but I did put salt in my coffee