Pig's Ears, Richmond, nice basement pub

It was billed as our funniest night of the year but luckily the shortfall of Alpha Papa was more than compensated by a jolly good time at the Pig's Ears. I was running late after helping get a recalcitrant baby G bathed and settled before leaving my lovely wife for a well deserved night out in Richmond with the boys. Not my usual neck of the woods but we were trying to find somewhere easy for Big Matt, Villa Steve and myself to meet up to watch the film of the year Alpha Papa. It seemed that Richmond's delightfully art deco Odeon was the most central option. However I was running late which meant Steve had been sat on his tod in the pub for about an hour before I turned up. So he was two up before we started not that he really minded. Richmond is funny place on the plus side it is by the river, cons are it's a long walk from the station to the river, dining options are chain-tastic, it can be a little chavvy if you pick the wrong spot to drink. Up to now it's barely been worth the journey from Notting Hill. However Big Matt found this curious basement bar/restaurant called The Pig's Ears and the boy done good.

The chaps told me it used to be something else and to be fair not a whole lot has gone in to re-fitting it. You go down the stairs into the bar which is stocked with a huge selection of home and continental beers. A further set of stairs take you down to the restaurant. As you can perhaps tell the menu is sort of pork based so rillettes, ribs, pulled pork and crackling feature. Though plenty of punters were going for the big pots of mussels the night we went. As the decor was so stripped back I was hoping that the effort had gone into the beer and food and I wasn't disappointed. We started by sharing a lovely plate of crackling and apple sauce, tasty and you could tell it was made in house. To follow Big Matt and I had ribs, mine in a lovely sweet chilli honey glaze and Matt went route 1 with the classic BBQ sauce. Both were lovely, well cooked, tender and tasty. Villa Steve had a pulled pork sarnie which he enjoyed. This was washed down by various draft beers which were excellent. I found later they supply other restaurants so the choice was good.

Anyway no time for dessert as Steve Coogan and company awaited. The film I'm sad to say didn't live up to the food at the Pig's Ears. Not nearly funny enough, poor Steve was even pushed to heckle towards the end but that might have been the food talking! Anyway moderately funny film over we returned to The Pig's Ears for some more lovely beer. It was filled up with a nice crowd who were having fun. The beer isn't cheap but neither is it OTT and the food was very reasonable. We all agreed we would go back. I know it's all the rage to stick crazy stuff on the walls and what not but sometimes good food and booze is all you need.

Friday, September 13, 2013
Overall rating
Food 8 | Service 8 | Atmosphere 8 | Value for mone

I've been back here loads of times and it is always good fun and value for money. 

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