Pizzicotto, High St Kensington, good pizza yet to find better in K&C

So baby G is old enough to go to Beavers and as my good friend Doc runs the local scout troop we signed him up. As this is an early evening activity it allows me a bit of time before picking him in up which either involves shopping, going for a run around Holland Park or even grabbing a beer at The Abingdon.  Baby G loves Beavers and is usually hot & hungry afterwards. In this instance he had just been inducted into his troop by making his scout's promise. A proud moment as it signifies that my little boy is growing up and carving his own way in the world. So as a treat I decided to take him out nearby for a pizza. A few people had recommended Pizzicotto. I've never been that impressed with pizza locally finding that Pizza @ Home do the best so I was keen to find a dine in equivalent. The restaurant had just opened for the evening so there was only 1 other table in but it did fill up whilst we ate.

Baby G was ravenous and he loves cold meats so we ordered an Affetato Misto, he ate some and we saved some to put on his pizza. As little boys tend to do he insists on ordering a margherita but then pilfers extra toppings. A really nice touch here was that the waitress gave him a choice of a normal round pizza or a "bunny" one. We chose "bunny" and waited to see what it was. When the pizza's came out it was indeed shaped like a bunny. The face was the margherita pizza and the ears were puffed up baked dough. It was very sweet. I went for Pizza Mangia Fuoco which was salami with roasted peppers. The pizza's were excellent. Baby G polished off most of his along with what was left of the cold meats. The crust was good and the ingredients of high quality.

I washed this down with a decent glass of Negro Amaro and the young chap had a freshly squeezed orange juice. No trip to restaurant is complete for him without ice cream so whilst he destroyed a chocolate gelato I had a so so affogato (the restaurant suddenly filled up so it had been left on the counter for too long). All in all a good meal and worth us going back. The bill came to £57 which was somewhat high, I did find charging £5.75 for an Affogato (vanilla ice cream with an expresso poured over it) a bit cheeky. However this is certainly the best pizza I have had in the Royal Borough  so worth a try. 

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Oldroyd, Islington, bijou eatery